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Kelly Auction Company was launched in 1975. Reg Kelly is a graduate of World Wide College of Auctioneers. For many years, Kelly Real Estate & Auction Co. has been the reliable and consistent choice for realty services in southern Missouri. And now, because of continued expansion of the Earth brand of manufacturing companies, we've become Earth Outdoor Properties - to maximize our advertising and marketing capabilities while still providing you with the same great service since 1975! 

Reg is known for his clear, rapid-fire auction chant that even first-time auction goers can understand. He is further known for appropriate and timely convincing sales talks that result in more bids and higher prices. Lastly, he is known for making an auction enjoyable and fun, while taking his responsibility serious. He has always believed that people will spend more if they are enjoying themselves, understand the bid, and are being dealt with honestly.

His wife, Karen, is the very best in cashiering, clerking, balancing, & closing of auctions. Her friendly, calm, pleasant presence, and concise work, gives that professional, yet personal, touch to Kelly Auctions!

Reg and Karen have been blessed with six children, 3 sons and 3 daughters.

All three sons, Nathan, Zack, and Ben, auctioneer and work the auctions. They have been going to the auctions since they were born, grew up at auctions, and began working at them at a very young age. They know and understand the Auction Industry from the ground up. All three are also licensed Real Estate agents.

Their three daughters, Hannah, Sarah, and Susannah, help in various ways, in clerking, cashiering, and selling Real Estate.

On a personal note, Reg says, "We are so blessed to work together! Working together as a family in our various business endeavors is a tremendous privilege and a joy! We thank God, and the thousands of people we have worked with, for the privilege and opportunities we have enjoyed, and we look forward to working for you in your auction and seeing you…at the Auctions!"

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